Quality certification

Certified food machinery for industry, catering and centralised kitchens

Firex s.r.l has adopted over the years a series of quality management systems for the environment and safety, considering them indispensable tools for the development of the company in all its aspects: from the point of view of the product, company organization, respect of programmes and improvement of the process.

Quality in the production of equipment for industrial kitchens

Firex s.r.l. considers strategically important the need to pursue continuous improvement through organizational and management processes, considering them permanent targets in order to involve all the levels of our business. For this reason, Firex s.r.l., aware of the extreme importance of customer satisfaction, the preservation and protection of the environment and the protection of the health and safety of workers, undertakes the actions listed below:
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by engaging the energies, skills and resources to meet the legitimate needs of the same;
  • Ensuring the growth and development of the company while maintaining adequate profitability and financial soundness;
  • Ensure the satisfaction of human resources by encouraging professional growth and fostering the spirit of initiative;

Manufacturers of efficient and eco-friendly food machinery

Firex s.r.l., in order to offer products of high quality from every point of view, also means to:
  • Strictly adhere to, in substance and principles, all laws and regulations concerning the environment and the safety and health of workers, as well as the commitments freely undertaken in the context of the corporate associations to which it belongs and those it will join in the future;
  • Make every reasonable effort to limit the generation of waste, particularly dangerous waste, starting at the source, where possible, re-using, recycling and recovering raw materials;
  • Progressively reduce the total costs of safety, including those deriving from accidents, injuries and work-related illnesses, while minimizing the risks to which employees and third parties may be exposed;
  • Evaluate in advance the new processes, technologies, and services in order to identify properly those aspects and effects on the safety and health of workers and the environment;
  • Ensure the management's involvement in the policy and objectives  relating to the environment, health and safety of workers;
  • Ensure that the staff is sensitized to environmental, health and safety commitments, involved in pursuing them, and educated and trained to adopt the behaviours consistent with these commitments.
The primary goal is the dissemination of our policy to all persons working for or on behalf of our organisation and to make it available to the public and to all those who request it.