Frying cooking

Frying in a healthy way is easy with Firex

Frying is a cooking technique based on the immersion of food in boiling oil; the result is a particularly tasty and caloric dish. To fry properly and obtain optimal results it is necessary for the fat to remain at a constant temperature and for this reason, restaurants, bars, canteens and centralised kitchens, must equip themselves with professional equipment specially developed for frying foods.

Gas or electric fryers for professional results

Firex offers different models of electric or gas fryers that meet the production needs of canteens, restaurants, centralised kitchens and cooking centres. Not only has it developed a specific machine for frying (Multifry), but also offers a multi-functional device that also allows, among its different cooking techniques, one to fry medium and small quantities of food (Frybrat).

Surf the site to discover in detail the different machines for frying from the Firex brand.

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