Vacuum cooking

Sous vide cooking is easy and safe

The "sous vide" technique of cooking, commonly known as low-temperature cooking or vacuum cooking, has its origins in France in the far-off 70s and, in recent times, has seen a considerable spread in Italy and the development of new technologies. The process involves raw products which, after being cleaned, remain sealed throughout all phases of cooking, thus avoiding the loss of liquids, inhibiting the aerobic bacterial count from increasing, slowing the oxidation and finally stabilizing the quality level of the food's organoleptic characteristics.

Firex offers a machine for evolved sous vide cooking

The newest arrival at Firex, High-P is the device for "sous vide" cooking at low temperatures, technologically advanced and innovative, indispensable in the kitchens of small food companies, cooking centres, restaurants and canteens. This cooker is capable of producing 20 kg of jam in less than 15 minutes, 50 kg of Bolognese sauce in 35 minutes, proving an indispensable tool to significantly reduce processing times and keep unaltered the organoleptic properties of foods.

See the page dedicated to our machine for sous vide cooking to learn more or contact us.

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