Pressure cooking

Use pressure pans and bratt pans for best results

Pressure cooking allows one to save time and energy in addition to preserving vitamins, minerals, nutrients and flavours. Pressure cooking helps foods to better preserve their flavour, aromas and nutrients and, despite the use of less seasoning and salt, allows one to achieve very tasty dishes that are healthier than those cooked with traditional techniques. It is a cooking method that differs from stewing, as the temperatures reached exceed 100°C.

Professional pressure cookers of the Firex brand

To ensure high performance you must use professional machines such as the pressure pans and bratt pans Firex has developed specifically for pressure cooking. This equipment is designed to be a valuable aid in professional and industrial kitchens, restaurants, canteens, cooking centres, small food companies. See this page to find the pressure cookers most suitable for your needs.

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