Equipment for industrial kitchens

High capacity cooking system

The Major Line comprises Firex's top-of-the-line cooking systems and is characterised by automatic pans, versatile cookers, large capacity industrial bratt pans and professional fryers, equipped with advanced technology able to guarantee work automation and the simplification of each process, also thanks to a wide choice of models and versions. 

Pans, cookers, fryers and bratt pans for every need

Equipment for industrial kitchens capable of guaranteeing high performance and meeting the needs of restaurants, food companies and centralised kitchens, including those of large dimensions. Automatic pans, pasteurisers, industrial bratt pans, professional pasta cookers and fryers in different models and with different capacities.
Consult the website or contact us to discover the potential of our equipment for restaurants, food industries and centralised kitchens (hospital, school, kindergarten canteens, etc.).