Nagy kapacitású, nagy mértékben automatizált főzési rendszerek, melyek a tömegtermelést szolgálják.

Az élelmiszer-feldolgozásra és az ételek előkészítésére alkalmas berendezések, melyek számos sütési funkcióval rendelkeznek. A főzési fázisokhoz tartozó különböző funkciókat elektromos programozással lehet kiválasztani.

A world of continuously-evolving solutions able to respond quickly to the new requirements of a market in continuous development: we are attentive to the technological innovations of the sector and the needs of a highly qualified and demanding clientele, offering state-of-the-art cooking systems that are efficient and high-performing.

From automatic bratt pans to small tilting kettles

The offering from the Firex catalogue ranges from the Major Line, the answer to the demands of the large catering services and food companies (pans, cookers, fryers and automatic bratt pans for large capacities) to our Fast Line, ideal for small caterers and catering services, passing through the Medium Line, the range of basic machines developed for cooking centres, canteens and centralised kitchens. Finally, there is the Dreener Line, which with the vegetable washer and spin-dryer rounds out every professional kitchen.

Browse among the lines to discover in detail the features of our machines.