Food processing techniques

A machine for every type of cooking or processing

Do you need to complete your equipment for a centralised kitchen, a catering service, a canteen, a restaurant or a small food company? Do you have in mind the process you're looking for (braising, frying, boiling, etc) but you don't know how to choose the most suitable product? Do you want a machine for making sauces, preserves and jams or machinery to braise, but you don't how to make the right choice from among the many proposals of the Firex brand? This is the section for you.

Food processing and the most appropriate equipment

Precisely in order to respond to the concerns of those with less expertise in the field of equipment for cooking centres, catering, canteens and restaurants, we developed a mini guide to food processing techniques that indicates which machines are best suited to the various needs of our customers. From boiling to frying, from pressure cooking to cooling, passing through braising and the sous vide cooking method.

Consult these pages to find the equipment that best suits your production needs.