Food mixing process

Machinery for the food industry and restaurants

Indispensable in small food industries, food production centres or in restaurants for the preparation, for example, of creams, bèchamel sauce, polenta, sauces, jams and preserves, the food mixing processes can produce stable emulsions, dissolve sugar, disintegrate solids, mix liquids of different viscosities, etc., quickly and with professional results. For this much of our food machinery and equipment has a mixer.

Pans and bratt pans with a mixer for high performance

Firex has developed a series of machines for the food industry, restaurants and food production centres, which enables the mixing process while ensuring stability, speed and maximum hygiene. The line involves pans and bratt pans which, thanks to the built-in mixer are able to constantly stir the ingredients while cooking and, through the automatic temperature control (important in preparing, for example, creams and bèchamel sauce) to obtain optimal results.

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