Catering equipment's suppliers

Equipment for productive cooking centres

Medium Line is the basic range of equipment for cooking centres, communities, canteens and catering consisting of fixed pans, with or without autoclave pressure lid, tilting pans and bratt pans, electric or gas-heated, and with capacities of up to 500 litres. Simple, robust, autonomous and multi-functional, this restaurant equipment is designed to meet the daily needs of small and medium-sized catering services.

Machinery for centralised kitchens and catering

Fixed and tilting pans and bratt pans of the Medium Line are the solution to various needs regarding space and performance, guaranteeing maximum sturdiness and durability, effectively responding to the real needs of those who work in the catering sector and in the production of meals in cooking centres, centralised kitchens and canteens.

Our website shows the different models of our machinery for centralised kitchens and restaurants. Do you need more information? Contact us.