Cooking by boiling

The advantages of cooking food in water

Cooking by boiling (or cooking in water) is a method of cooking food in which the heat is transmitted to the food from the water brought to a boil. Depending on their characteristics, the ingredients must be immersed in cold water or liquids (in the case of broths, potatoes, legumes or whole fish) or water or liquids already brought to a boil (for vegetables, meat, fish fillets and shellfish). To reduce time and save energy, achieving professional results, you need to use pans that manage the boiling process automatically.

Multifunction pans for efficient cooking in water

Firex, to meet the needs of restaurants, canteens, cooking centres and small food companies, has developed a series of industrial pans with different heating systems, models and capacities which, among other things, allow also this specific method of cooking. Firex equipment for catering, in fact, is versatile and allows, in a single machine, for multiple cooking systems (eg. pasteurising, steaming, etc).

If you are looking for high quality industrial pans and catering equipment which will allow you to produce broths, soups, stews, boiled fish or meat, boiled vegetables or other foods cooked in water, see this section.

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