Food cooling process

With the Cook & Chill system the result is optimal

The Cook & Chill System is a state-of-the-art technique used for the preparation, storage and distribution of foods, which has the advantage of minimizing the microbiological risk and provides, at the end of the cooking time, for a rapid cooling of foods in order to preserve their organoleptic aspects, ensuring, at the same time, the slowdown in the process of proliferation of agents able to alter them.

Professional pans with built-in cooling system

Ideal for cooking centres, canteens, catering services, centralised kitchens and small food companies that specialize in preparing meals, the Cook & Chill process requires, to be truly effective, specially designed equipment. Thus, Firex offers a range of fixed or tilting professional pans, with different features and capacities, with a built-in Cook Chill & system.

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